Eternal Free Gift!

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This is the most unique gift in all the world – very rare.  Very costly.  Yet you cannot buy it with money or education or power of any kind.  It is offered to people all over the world.  Men, women , children, black, white, red, yellow, brown; rich, poor; educated, uneducated; fat, skinny, beautiful, ugly, famous, infamous, good people, bad people. 

Consider carefully; because once invited there is no guarantee you will ever be invited to receive this gift again. 

The Giver of the gift is God – the Maker and Creator of the universe.

The gift He offers is Eternal Life.  This is Life without end, full of joy and peace and beauty and goodness.

This Life is hidden in God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

The Way to receive eternal Life is through entrance into Jesus Christ. 

Entering Christ is simple.  It is not complicated.  You do not have to join a church or religious group or organization.  You do not have to try to become a better person or try to improve yourself to make yourself worthy of Him.  Nor can you make yourself acceptable to God by anything that you do or do not do.  Since it has already been concluded that no one is worthy of this precious gift, or even deserves it, then it would be utterly fruitless, even foolish, to try to qualify yourself or work for it. 

Jesus Christ alone is qualified and He alone has done all the work necessary to provide this great gift of eternal Life to you.

He has done all the work and He offers this gift to you freely.  No one anywhere can provide such gift.  No one except Jesus Christ.

The gift is before you right now, even as you read this. 

You simply must believe that God is real.  That He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, into the earth.  That His Son, was born into this world of a virgin.  That He alone was without sin.  That Jesus willingly, and through His love for you, suffered at the hands of unjust men, was whipped and beat Him, then put Him to death on a cross.  That He went through all this suffering and shame, not because He committed any sin.  He suffered because of the sins you and I committed.  He voluntarily paid the price for all of our sins against God, against one another and against ourselves.

Jesus died for you so you could live unto God.

Not only did He die… after three days He rose again from the dead, in total victory over dearth.  He will never die again.  He lives forever.  If you are in Jesus Christ you will also live forever because He lives forever.

It all starts with having the Life of Christ on the inside of you.

You get that Life by turning your desire to Christ, accepting the fact that He is the Son of God Who He died on the cross for you, and that through faith in Him alone you can be saved from your sins and live forever with God.

This Life is yours when you say yes to Jesus, to learn of Him, to follow Him, to obey His Word and commandments.

It’s no more difficult than that.  The gift is given to you by God.  No one can take it from you.  Because no one has given it to you.  God has given it to you, through faith in His Son. 

You can receive this gift this very moment.  Just bow your head right now.  Say this simple prayer from your heart.  “Lord Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God.  I believe You died on the cross for my sins.  I want You to live in me.  I want to follow You.  I accept You as my Lord and my Savior.  Thank you for your gift of eternal Life.  I receive it right now.  Amen.”

Now rejoice!  As you’ve said that prayer from your heart you are now a member of God’s Kingdom and family, through Jesus Christ.  You have received the gift of eternal Life.

Share your new Life in Christ with someone else.

Get a good Bible.  Read the New Testament first, which starts with the book of Matthew.

Talk to God each day and throughout the day.  This is called prayer.  Also listen as He speaks to you.

Find a good, Bible believing, Spirit led Church where you can be strengthened in your faith and grow spiritually.

Contact this ministry and let me know that you have received the Life of Christ.  We will stand with you, joyfully, in prayer and encouragement.

Evangelist Darrell C. Porter

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