God’s Righteousness

God's Righteousness
by Darrell C. Porter

God commands the Christian to live by His laws, by His rules. This is called righteousness. Stated another way, it is God’s straight path. With it comes promises and benefits both in this life and beyond this life, into eternity.

The Christian is to take heed that his acts and deeds are done unto God, his heavenly Father, his eternal Savior and Lord. Even though the Christian lives in this world, he is assertively not of the world. How so? Because of the divine nature and Spirit of God that lives in him and entered through his personal faith in the Savior Jesus Christ.

This same Jesus has become his righteousness.

Though the indulges in habits that are shameful and ungodly, the born-again believer rejects this way of life and abhors its influence upon his soul. Therefore, he fights daily to stay himself in God’s right paths.

Spiritual warfare is one of God’s method’s for the Christian to keep himself in God’s right paths. Such war is done with the help of the Spirit of God, through prayer. Such warfare is even engaged in public against things that defy God’s ways and that corrupt our communities, our cities, our state and our nation.

The born-again Christian is to be light in a world that loves darkness. This light is not his own, as though it came from himself. It is the Light which God gave has given through His Son, Jesus Christ.

This ministry focuses on declaring that Light and encouraging believers to uphold it in righteousness.