The Harvesters Prayer

The Harvester’s Prayer

…for if you believe the Lord will answer prayers, then why not ask for everything? This is my covenant prayer.
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Lord God Almighty, worthy of all praise and honor, Holy is Your name,
Lord, I pray for spiritual growth and maturity today; to be less like me, and more like You.
Lord, help me become a humble, hard working servant, who bares Your fruit;
a disciple with great faith, with a wise and encouraging tongue, and one in whom You can trust.
Lord, I give You everything I have, & everything I am, may my love for You only grow stronger.

Lord, encourage and motivate me, so that I may continually serve you with a passion.
And please teach me to listen to the Holy Spirit, so that I may always know Your will.
Lord, please help me overcome temptation, and don’t let the devil have any foothold in me.
Lord, break every stronghold in me, so that Your Holy Spirit may totally dominate my life.
Lord, judge me severely, correct me ruthlessly, and when needed, rebuke me thoroughly,
so I can server you more perfectly, being void of all hypocrisy and being meek and lowly of heart.
Lord, please instill in me an intense and awesome fear of the Lord,

Lord, help me become a great Harvester, sowing Your seed and bringing many people to You.
Lord, here I am, use me. I want to advance Your Kingdom and serve You everyday,
open many doors of opportunity to shine the Light of Jesus through me,
and put several people in my path today, so that I may bring them to You.
Lord, help me do something profound for You everyday, and to have an impact on eternity.

Lord, I want to master Your Word. Please, fill me with Your knowledge and truth,
bless me with wisdom so that I may be fruitful, and remove any falsehoods in me.
Lord, help me become a prayer warrior, one who can move mountains in Your name.
Lord, help me to effectively and faithfully use all the gifts You have blessed me with.
Lord, teach me how to bring down all the principalities and powers that work against Your Kingdom.

Lord, I pray for a long life of service to You, with health and blessings for my family,
help me develop a disciplined mind, a crucified flesh, and a loving compassionate heart, pure and obedient.
Lord, set my sights on the highest goal, and have me do whatever is necessary to achieve the
greatest blessing of the good and faithful servant, and to finish strong in the Lord.
Lord, help me fully experience the Christian life, and to manifest Jesus in every aspect of my life.
Lord, help me become a true worshiper of You. And please fill my cup with Your tears,
so that I may love people with Your Love.

Most Holy and Righteous God, thank You for everything You have done.
I surrender my life to You, please direct me and make me into Your image,
for I am nothing without You, may my life bring glory and honor to You.
Please send out many workers into the harvest field, in the name of Your son,


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