The Rationale

The Rationaleby Darrell C. Porter

The Rationale is a 20 page book  treatise for pastors of Las Vegas and Clark County who may wish to consider the divine rationale for standing together as one Voice for Christ in their city. This is also a free download.

An excerpt from “The Rationale”:

Fifty years ago preachers in America largely focused on promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their churches and community. As a whole, the country reverenced the Bible; and America was generally understood around the world as a Christian nation.

In spite of these relatively good times, the question arose, even then, as to whether or not the church should involve itself with certain political matters of the day? Or strictly preach the Gospel from the pulpit? The question still remains on the table.

America today no longer resembles the America of fifty years ago. Crime, unbridled immorality, blatant injustice and lawlessness at the highest level, wide-spread drugs, open lewdness, sex trafficking, celebrated homosexuality, engineered racial strife, promotion of illegal immigration, sanction of brutal and wholesale murders of the unborn, police presence in nearly every public school, increased youth gang violence, broken families and no-fault divorces, condemnation of the Bible, rejection of prayer in public (government) schools and prohibition against military chaplains praying in Jesus’ Name, churches of virtually every denomination sweltering in the propagation of blatantly unscriptural teachings and heretical doctrines.

Their voices are loud and united.

In the midst of all this and more, we as pastors serve in a highly visible community that shamelessly exalts itself as Sin City. From the Bible’s view our nation, as well as our city, has pummeled headlong into paganism.

Hence we face a Goliath of epic proportions that brazenly stands against the Church, and the nation unto whom the Lord’s holy Church has been sent.

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