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“Why We Must Fight!” begins with a view of the spiritual battlefield, then on to the Bible’s depiction of a Godly soldier all the way through to that holy victory that overcomes the world. This engaging work unveils why the Christian believer must make their stand for Christ and fight the good fight of faith. It unfolds not only why we must fight but why we must also fight as one Body in Christ. Those who desire a clearer understanding of spiritual warfare will find this book will set you on solid Biblical ground as it strengthens you with spiritual truths and amazing insights into “Why We Must Fight!”.

“Spiritual warfare is not a side element to Christianity; it is the soul of Christianity. EVERYTHING God says to do is opposite of what the world wants you to do. If you desire to do what God says, you must fight to do so. There is no other option, because there is no real Christianity without spiritual warfare.”  – From “Why We Must Fight!” by Darrell C. Porter

“Sin is foreign to the holiness of God; therefore, God deals with it as with an enemy. This is a clear reason why we must fight against sin in our lives, lest we be at odds against God Himself.” — From “Why We Must Fight!” by Darrell C. Porter
I’ve conducted seminars on spiritual warfare for years. Anyone looking to gain more knowledge and insight into the purpose of spiritual warfare prayer will be greatly enriched by “Why We Must Fight!”.

A sample of reader comments:
“This book gives powerful insight on When, How and Why we must stand as warriors.” –Daniel De La Torre, Las Vegas, Nevada
“Very powerful and very needed for the Body of Christ today. It was a great blessing to read.” –Rita Seiffert, Las Vegas, Nevada
“Wonderful! Throughout your book you lined up God’s word with reasons why Christians should stand and fight even when we want to run and find peace on an island somewhere! I think your book is beautifully written and full of Godly wisdom. This book will be a blessing to anyone who reads it.” –Alicia Johnson, Chicago, Illinois

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