God’s Judgment
by Darrell C. Porter

Some people feel there is no divine justice. They feel you can do whatever you want and never have to face the consequences for those actions. Creative artists, each day, write books of made up stories and made up characters that look real. Readers become lost in the author’s fantasy. Likewise, do men delude themselves that there is no God; or that if He exists He surely will not bring harsh judgment upon people.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

God has made clear His judgment against sin. It begins at the personal level. Every individual is responsible for their own acts. This responsibility involves those with whom we interact. Wrongful acts in marriage can face judgments; in families, in churches, communities, nations, throughout the entire world before God.

God, Who created all things, commands every human being to honor His laws. When His laws are broken, His judgements are sure to follow.

The focus of this ministry is to bring to light God’s warning to His people concerning the just and natural and eternal judgments of God. The aim is to charge Christian believers to take to heart God’s Word, and hold firmly to His commands.