Three days ago I prayed with a gathering of pastors from around the city and from out of the country. I pray with them most every month at our citywide prayer gathering. God has always been there, which is why I come. Today, the LORD imparted in my heart, which I then delivered to the pastors, that the number one thing we must focus on in the church today is repentance. He spoke through me that He will not hear nor move on our behalf until we first repent. I told them that we are to zero in on Christ. And take our eyes off the things that lure us into the world.

Believe you, me. This world does not belong to you or any other creature on earth or in heaven. It belongs to God. He is to be regarded as a serious God. He says what He means; and He fully means what He says.

Many will perish quickly, with hard and firm judgement. Reject God, and you have not yet found what it means for God to reject you. He will not return to you, nor hold you with a second thought. Eternal judgement is just that, eternal.

Mercy, when given by God, is far more than any precious stone. Its value is beyond words. Through God’s mercy comes the Blood of His Son, which pays for your sins. That payment is definite and full. And it requires from you a turn from the old ways of sin, to the new ways of Him who has Saved you.

Folly with such priceless mercy, and play around with sin, and you are in serious trouble. You were not saved to live in sin. You were saved to live in righteousness. The dread of sin ought to be over your head as the thing you do not want to do. Knowingly, willingly do that sin, and you may not ever recover. Rather, fear God! And if you sin, repent! That the mercy of God may be upon you and forgive you and cleanse you of all unrighteousness.

Many sin as if sin has no consequence. They think God is a play toy. You assuredly and most definitely do not know the God of the Bible if you think that.

The smartest thing in the world a person can do is repent.

The dumbest thing is not to.

God is good, beyond any words that man can make up. Beyond any thought or dreams He is good. The Savior, Himself, said, “There is none good but God.” And He is gracious and kind. And from out of His abundant grace He calls you to repent. Turn back to Him with your whole heart and with your whole mind, and follow Him. Turn your back on this world and its wicked ways and follow Him. That’s what Salvation demands! Anyone who makes light of that, makes light of heaven. Lucifer made light of heaven, and he was fiercely cast out of it.

There is only one God.

Turn to Him! Seriously, like you mean it. And He will turn to you.

Seek Him! And you will find Him.

Call on Him! And He will answer.

Honor Him! And He will honor you.

Be faithful to God and God will be found ever faithful to you.

Live unto Him and He will live in you and through you all the days of your life, in Christ Jesus.

Darrell C. Porter


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